The ProMinent® DCM 2 Series controller is the perfect partner for monitoring and controlling water chemistry parameters and processes in residential applications. The DCM 2 Series precision and uncompromising quality represent a world-class solution to ensure a safe and healthy water experience for patrons.
  • Applications: residential swimming pools and spas, hot tubs, therapy tubs
  • New Brighter OLED display is bright enough for daylight viewing
  • Reduction in chlorine consumption
  • Proprietary sensor technology for pH & (ORP or PPM)
  • Reduction in bleached bathing suites
  • 13,000 hour EOL lamp life
  • Patent pending quick disconnects
  • Patent pending quick disconnects
  • 316L stainless steel chambers
  • Schedule 80 chambers for small pools and hot tubs
  • 120v power supplies on all models
  • 254nm wave length for sterilization
  • 185nm wave length for oxidation


For those who want total control of their backyard pool and spa oasis, the ProMinent® DCM 5 Series controller provides the upmost monitoring and controlling for water chemistry parameters and processes. The DCM 5 Series’ precision, flexibility, and uncompromising quality represent a world-class solution to ensure a safe and healthy water experience for family.
  • Applications: residential swimming pools and spa, therapy pools, and hot tubs
  • Standard web-based real-time monitor and control via network-enabled PC, smart phone, iPad, or tablet device
  • Proprietary sensor technology
  • Oxidant specific sensor
  • Combined chlorine control
  • Simultaneous chlorine/ORP control
  • Eco! mode
  • Real-time corrosion and calcification monitoring and alarm
  • Loading compensation via true proportional control
  • Hydraulically advanced flow cell assembly
  • Automatic discrete control and flow adjustments of chemical dosing pump
  • Capable of interface and control of UV systems via
  • ProMinent’s proprietary chlorine probes and real time Combined Chlorine readings
  • Trackster™ auto poll, data logging, graphing and report building software


The ProMinent CO2 Feeder is designed to utilize Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the control of pH levels in pools and spas. There are a number of advantages when using CO2 for pH control compared to acid. Adding CO2 will not contribute to a TDS increase in water, thus reducing the amount of make-up water required to maintain the water quality. It is much safer, as there is no mineral acid solution or fumes present on-site, which solves the problems associated with handling acid and corrosive fumes. It is also simple to install and operate.
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