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Aqua Fuzion

Aqua Fuzion Hyper Dissolved Oxygen and Ozone System

Oxygen is the second most abundant element in the universe. By itself, oxygen is a natural oxidizer and disinfectant and has been proven to assist in the destruction of many types of many types of organics and micro-organisms. The Aqua Fuzion system is designed to deliver a 100 million plus (Ultra Fine Bubbles) per milliliter of water. Swimming in Ultra Fine Bubbles is very similar to being in a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber. The health benefits it provides can be greatly beneficial to even the most sensitive of swimmers. Those who have been looking for the ultimate experience in being fully immersed in the most natural body of water, can finally harness it in their own backyard!

Ozone Fuzion

The Fuzion part of our system comes from the addition of ozone. By running ozone through the Aqua Fuzion we atomize both the oxygen and the ozone molecules which are 100 times smaller than typical systems. Smaller ozone molecules equate to a greater contact area focused on microorganisms and contaminants that may be present in the water.


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