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Why Oxygenated Water?

Our highly oxygenated water provides many benefits for all walks of life. Oxygen by itself is a natural but mild oxidizer and disinfectant. Heightened oxygen levels in the water provide much greater comfort to bathers much like salt water except healthier. Those with hypoallergenic skin, psoriasis, eczema, and other skin issues can now enjoy water that can be a healing experience. It’s very similar to being in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber except with the “natural pressure” of water. When properly balanced and treated the pool water can be used to feed the surrounding vegetation and can help it grow up to 4 times larger, faster and half the water than your tap water. That’s right… our systems are used in agriculture, lakes and streams, fish hatcheries, wastewater treatment, and much more.

Why Chemical Free Water?

Swimming pools are often treated with many different chemicals over long periods of time before draining or diluting. Sooner or later you and your family end up swimming in a pool of chemical ridden water. Those chemicals can cause odors, skin irritation, swimmer’s lung or asthma, hair loss, and much more. Most often your children or loved ones exit the pool smelling like a chlorine tab, tight skin, and feel like their skin is crawling while they sleep at night. Another bad part about your pool of chemicals is that not even the wastewater treatment plant wants it! As a matter of fact, there are regulations being created where it’s becoming more and more strict on draining pool water into the sewer systems because it is harder to treat.

Why Should I Use Ozone?

Ozone one of the strongest natural oxidizers and disinfectants available today and can be 20 – 3000 times stronger than chlorine alone. Ozone is what keeps the air we breathe fresh and clean every day. When a system is properly sized and setup for you pool it can provide some of the greatest water quality imaginable. When used in conjunction with an Aqua Fuzion the benefits are greatly multiplied giving you greater disinfection time and a pool full of billions of Ultra Fine Bubbles. The bubbles are so small they don’t off-gas like a typical ozone system making them much safer than traditional systems.

Are UV Systems beneficial?

UV Systems by themselves provide sterilizing for different microorganisms that could be present in the water and provide a secondary level of sanitation next to chlorine. However, they do not provide any oxidizing benefits and work best when the water is clean and clear. When properly paired with oxygen and ozone systems it provides the greatest level of sanitation possible. This setup is known as the Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP). When utilizing this process for swimming pools it can be the greatest swimming experience for your family and loved ones ever!

What about Salt Water Systems that don’t use chlorine?

The truth is that “Salt Water Systems” are chlorine generators. Yes, that means that salt water systems produce their own chlorine just like the liquid chlorine you buy from the store. They produce a much weaker percentage which is only about 2% on average compared to the 10 – 12% you would buy from the store. So, rest assured if you have a salt water pool you still have chlorine in the water. The only difference between a salt water pool and a non-salt water pool is the level of salt in the water. It’s the salt water that makes your skin feel soft and is also why the water doesn’t feel so hard. However, the salty water can damage the concrete around the pool over time and is why many builders choose not to use salt systems. However, if you are still considering salt… one of the better methods is using a brine system. The salt is kept in a holding tank and the system only draws the salt water solution when it needs to produce chlorine. This way it is much easier on your surrounding rock, tile, or concrete surfaces.

How do I balance my pH without chemicals?

The typical method of bringing down the pH levels in pool is acid. Thankfully there is much safer and healthier way to balance your pH that will also greatly reduce the amount of makeup chemicals needed to balance the water. Our pHure Feed, In-Line Injection System utilizes carbon dioxide (CO2) to bring down the pH levels naturally. The pHure Feed is 100% efficient, which means it dissolves 100% of the CO2 injected into the system. CO2 does not affect the alkalinity levels in the water and allows it to rise naturally. This way there are far less chemicals needed to keep the water balanced and once again safer for your family and loved ones!

What are the Benefits of Oxygenated Water?

One of the first and most common complements is that the water becomes crystal clear. This normally happens the day after it’s installed. Second most common comment is how soft the water feels. You’ll get a silky soft feeling in the water, and super soft skin upon leaving the pool. Despite the fact if you’re using chlorine or not, you won’t even smell the chlorine in or out of the water. Of course, that is when you are at the proper chlorine levels. Many of our customers with asthma do not have to use their inhalers during or after their swim times.

What should I do if my pool develops a water ring?

A scum ring around the water line of your pool doesn't necessarily mean you have a cleaning or sanitation issue. As people enter and leave your pool, they deposit oils and other waste into the water. Dirt and debris particles also make their way into the water from the nearby environment and air. Many of these things float to the top of your pool water.

Pool water lapping gently against pool walls deposits these minute particles repeatedly. Over time, a scum ring can build up. If you are having problems with repeated scum rings often, then you might need to reconsider your pool maintenance processes or chemicals. Otherwise, simply clean the ring away with appropriate and safe chemicals. Usually, the top part of the pool wall is finished in tile to make this task easier.

What is the best way to save money on pool chemicals?

One of the best ways to reduce pool chemical costs is to get more efficiency from the chemicals that you use, and that means keeping your pool water pH in check. Balanced pool water increases the effectiveness of chlorine, so aim for a pH balance of 7.4 to 7.5.

Because pH balance is critical to efficiency, it's often a good idea to invest in a photometer for testing rather than using liquid drops. The upfront investment can actually save you money in the long-term.

Once you ensure pool water is balanced, try to maintain between 10 - 15ppm of stabilizer to retain chlorine longer in your pool.

Secondary disinfection systems are a great way to reduce chemical usage. Increasing ORP naturally will reduce the amount of chlorine needed on a daily basis which will create a snowball effect for the rest of the balancing chemicals as well.

What is the optimum Cyanuric Acid level for a commercial pool?

Cyanuric Acid has properties that are both beneficial and hindering to pool maintenance, so it's important to maintain just the right levels. Ideal levels of CYA are between 10 to 15 ppm.

The purpose of CYA is to help maintain chlorine residuals in your pool during the heat of summer. While CYA accomplishes that task, it can also hinder chlorine's ability to oxidize in the water, especially if you add too much CYA. CYA also has a tendency to stick to probes, which can result in false readings on equipment. Turn off the ball valves to your controller flow cell for approximately an hour after you add CYA to your pool to avoid this issue.

How can I reduce the level of Cyanuric Acid in my pool?

The only way to reduce the level of Cyanuric Acid in your pool water is to drain some or all of the water and add fresh water that hasn't been treated yet. This is why it's important to start with smaller amounts of CYA when adding it to your pool water. You can always add more CYA, but you can't take it back out.

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