Frequently Asked Questions

The AquaGen system atomizes pure oxygen molecules and injects them into the pool or spa. The oxygen molecules are so small that they do not break the surface tension of a water molecule. Therefore, the extra oxygen molecules in the water assist in the disinfecting and oxidizing process of your normal disinfectant.
Since the system helps reduce the amount of chlorine used on a daily basis it also assists in reducing and sometimes eliminating the chlorine smell altogether. Indoor facilities can also experience a much fresher smell within the pool room.
The only byproduct that is produced from the system is the same element we breathe every day which is oxygen. The surface above the water is much more beneficial for competitive swimmers since oxygen is the key to their energy and muscle recovery.
The feeling of swimming in Oxygenated water is very similar to swimming in salt water. Your skin feels very soft and silky while in the water as well as when you get out. Not to mention the added high dissolved oxygen (HDO) levels also keep the chlorine smell away. No more smelling like you just got out of a pool with tight skin and smelly chlorine.
As a matter of fact the water clarity is our #1 comment when our systems are installed. The water quality is greatly intensified with the High Dissolved Oxygen (HDO).
Most of our customers have saved an average of about 30% and some up to 50% on chemicals. Oxygen is a natural disinfectant and oxidizer by itself, so if your water is balanced properly the oxygen can greatly enhance your savings. Ask a representative about the relationship of oxygenated water with traditional pool chemicals.

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Oxygenated water is very similar to being in a hyperbaric chamber. The natural pressure of the water against your body allows your body’s pours to absorb some of the oxygen. Many of our customers feel like they have more energy the swimming experience.
Maintenance is actually very simple with the AquaGen. The oxygen concentrator will need service about once a year and that’s about it. The rest of the system has some poly tubing and seals that will need to be replaced on an as needed basis and is determined by the environment the system is exposed to.
Yes, the AquaGen system is NSF 50 certified.
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