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Safer water through smarter technology NEX-GEN On-Site Chlorine Generators

Chlorking® NEX-GENpH onsite chlorine generators are leading the way to better, safer water. Their unique, forward-thinking design generates liquid chlorine from salt that is stored on site. NEX-GENpH eliminates the costs, risks, and smell associated with shipping and storing traditional chlorine. And it pays for itself through lower cost of operation and a longer lasting system. Most often used for commercial pools and water parks, the system can be also fully customized to meet your needs. See what a difference NEXGENpH could make for your water.

Main Features

  • On-site chlorine generator capable of producing 12 to 96 lbs (equivalent to 12 gal to 96 gal at 12% bleach) per 24 hour, depending on model installed
  • Process uses swimming pool water to produce sodium hypochlorite (no fresh water added)
  • No salt is required in the pool
  • pH neutral chlorine produced
  • Programmable touch-screen with auto correct features
  • Skid mounted on wheels for easy installation
  • Water-cooled power supply

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