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Safer water through smarter technology NEX-GEN On-Site Chlorine Generators

Chlorking® NEX-GENpH onsite chlorine generators are leading the way to better, safer water. Their unique, forward-thinking design generates liquid chlorine from salt that is stored on site. NEX-GENpH eliminates the costs, risks, and smell associated with shipping and storing traditional chlorine. And it pays for itself through lower cost of operation and a longer lasting system. Most often used for commercial pools and water parks, the system can be also fully customized to meet your needs. See what a difference NEXGENpH could make for your water.

There are a variety of benefits to switching to a chlorine free pool. Reducing the chemicals in your pool can reduce the need to shower after swimming, since you’ll be in clean safe water. Removing chemicals from your pool will also eliminate the bleaching of hair and swimsuits. More importantly, a chlorine free pool can significantly reduce the bleaching and fading. The colors in the plaster and liner in a backyard pool can become faded and unattractive over time due to near constant exposure to chemicals. By switching to a chlorine free pool, you can expect your pool to look its best for longer.

Main Features

  • On-site chlorine generator capable of producing 12 to 96 lbs (equivalent to 12 gal to 96 gal at 12% bleach) per 24 hour, depending on model installed
  • Process uses swimming pool water to produce sodium hypochlorite (no fresh water added)
  • No salt is required in the pool
  • pH neutral chlorine produced
  • Programmable touch-screen with auto correct features
  • Skid mounted on wheels for easy installation
  • Water-cooled power supply

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