pHure Feed

The world’s first NSF certified CO2 diffuser.

AquaGen incorporates an Ultra- Fine bubble generator, a version of which has been shown to generate over 100 million Ultra- Fine bubbles per milliliter of water. By atomizing pure oxygen, and not breaking the surface tension of a water molecule, injecting them into the water increases the dissolved oxygen content in the water. The extra oxygen present in the water provides a residual of natural and mild oxidizer that works alongside your primary sanitizer of choice.

In-Line CO2 pH Control System for residential and commercial pools & spas

If you’re tired of dealing with the detrimental effects of acid destroying your pump room, CO2 is a great alternative. pHure Feed eliminates corrosive fumes and the hazardous handling of chemicals for staff and
Improved Safety. pHure Feed is safer to handle than liquid or dry acid, and no additional dilution is needed.

Cost Effective. Using pHure Feed will not only increase your water quality, it can also reduce your chemical costs.

Superior Water Quality. Carbon
Dioxide (CO2) is used in the
beverages we drink from so drinks to sparkling water, while our plants use CO2 to produce the oxygen we breathe. With pHure Feed, you will use this natural compound to balance your water instead of a harsh chemical, resulting in better water quality.

Key Benefits​ of pHure Feed

The only NSF certified CO2 system available​
Most efficient CO2 system available at 97 - 100% efficiency​
No more corrosive fumes to destroy your pump room
Safer to handle than liquid or dry acid
Less service needed to balance the water
Does not increase TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in the water
Does not have a negative effect on alkalinity

Take Control Of PH With pHure Feed.​

At Pure Vision Technologies, we’re reinventing the way swimming pools operate. pHure Feed is the only NSF certified carbon dioxide diffuser and features a staggering 97%-100% efficiency.

Features a staggering



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