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pHure Feed In-Line Co2 Injection Systems

  • Co2 Injection System
  • High Efficient CO2 injection system

Take control of your pH with pHure Feed

Many aquatic facilities around the world use a few different ways to control the pH of their water. When it comes to selecting the evils we have to choose from, many times it comes down to operational cost.

Unfortunately, we are sometimes forced to use products we would not normally go for if the tables were turned. Pure Vision Technologies brings one of the greatest, most efficient pH control systems the market has ever experienced. With a 94% efficiency rate, you can be rest assured there is very little wasted product.

Why Co2? CO2 is used in our soft drinks as well as breweries. Our plants take in CO2 every day and give out oxygen in return. Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable using a truly natural ingredient to balance your water than some harsh chemical? Using Co2 will not only increase water quality, but can also reduce chemical cost.

  • No special handling or worries about hazardous chemical spills
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Easy to work with, no special rubber gloves or goggles to be worn
  • Low rental cost of Co2 tanks
  • Regular scheduled delivery service provided by a local gas company supplier
  • Does not increase TDS in the water
  • Only NSF listed CO2 injection system on the market today

  • Does not diminish Total alkalinity levels like acid

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