Based on the principals of centrifugal water filtration, MultiCyclone is capable of filtering down to 30 microns and has no filter media to clean or replace.

Incoming sediment is spiralled down to its clear chamber, which is cleaned by purging 4 gallons of water.

  • Minimize filter maintenance and save water
  • Flow Rate 13gpm to 132gpm
  • Working pressure of 50 psi
  • Easily manifolded for higher flow rates
  • Suitable for new and existing installations


A revolution in water filtration, MultiCyclone 70XL is a brilliant pre-filtration device that works on the basis of centrifugal water filtration and is designed with no moving parts and no filter media to clean or replace.
  • Minimizes filter maintenance and saves water
  • No filter media to clean or replace
  • Maximum flow rate of 423 gpm
  • Compact size and ease of installation
  • Suitable for new and existing installations Reduces backwash frequency by up to 80%


Waterco Micron Side Mount Deep Bed Commercial filters are now available with the option of:
  • 50mm, 80mm or 100mm sight glasses or 150mm sight glasses.
  • 200mm, 300mm to 420mm x 320mm lateral manholes.
  • Fibreglass reinforced vinyl ester for improved resistance.
  • Extra reinforcement to increase the working pressure rating to 400 kPa (58 psi), 600 kPa (87psi) and 800 kPa (116 psi).
  • 80mm, 100mm or 150mm ANSI Flanges.


The Micron Horizontal Filter is a space-saving high performer; its compact horizontal design allows installation with minimum waste of space. The shape of the Micron horizontal filter is both attractive and functional. The spherical ends are designed to give uniform flow from both inlet and outlet collection assemblies. Micron Horizontal filters are available with a 500mm (M) filter media bed and a 1200mm (MD) filter media bed.
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