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Aquagen Hyperdissolved Oxygen System

  • AquaGen Advanced Oxidation System


Oxygen is the third most abundant element in the universe. By itself, oxygen is a natural oxidizer and disinfectant, and has been proven to assist in the destruction of many types of micro-organisms. Aqua Gen pool oxygenation systems are designed to deliver 100% pure dissolved oxygen into the water. When added to water, oxygen provides a long list of health benefits for both the body of water being treated and the end-user.

In a swimming pool, the natural pressure of the water with the introduction of additional oxygen works on the same premise as a hyperbaric chamber. Many industries are on a quest for healthier, cleaner, and safer water. With Aqua Gen, the aquatic professional has a solution.

  • Increased dissolved oxygen content
  • Decreased chemical usage
  • Compatible with existing filtration

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