Oxygen Pool Filtration

What Are Oxygenated Pools?

If you happen to own a swimming pool, then you know one thing for certain: they require a lot of work to keep them running. There are many different systems attached to them, and you probably already know about the water treatment programs that you can enact. These treatment regimens have a few specific goals, the primary being to prevent, or at least mitigate, the development of the following:

  • Bacteria
  • Algae
  • Waterborn viruses

While chemicals have sufficed in the past, pool owners are now looking toward the future and are hoping for a gentler, less toxic way to mitigate the growth of bacteria in their waters. This is where a pool filtration system can come in handy.

Why Oxygen Based Treatments are Better

An oxygen pool system is a pretty simple method that helps maintain a clean pool. Understandably, the cleaning demands of a residential pool are very low due to how little they are actually in use. In the case of a public pool, however, the demand rises which calls for more chemicals. A non-chemical treatment system has been in use for years, but it does lack a residual oxidizer. Chemical treatments also require a stabilizer, usually cyanuric acid which helps it to keep a residual presence in the water. The problem is that. without the CYA, chemicals dissipate within a few minutes, making them virtually useless. CYA is useful but there are some questions as to the long term effects of human exposure.

Take oxygen pool filtration as your reasonable replacement for any type of CYA based swimming pool purification system. In an oxygen pool, the levels of oxidation are maintained simply by injecting ozone into the water. The ozone will create a residual peroxide level which can be measured with a typical pool kit. Keep in mind that the oxygen system will require ozone to be added for 12 hours per day to maintain sufficient levels, but in the end, it is still better than a CYA system.

Companies like Exceptional Water Systems are experts at pool oxidation and maintenance, making them the optimal choice, and the best way to keep your pool clear throughout every single season. Contact us today.