Pool Filtration

Water Filtration - Why A Water Filtration System Could Save Your Life

The pump and the filter are considered as the heart of an above ground pool maintenance program. Above ground pools have very little or no circulation at all, and stagnant water provides the best environment for mold and bacterial growth.

To avoid this, you need a good above ground pool filter that can catch and remove both visible and microscopic particles. Pumps give enough force to circulate and push the water into the filter to help keep your pool water free from bacteria, dirt, and other harmful particles.

Importance of Water Circulation

Water circulation is important in preventing your pool from becoming a dirty mess as it dissuades the growth of algae and bacteria. Remember that a dirty pool is the breeding ground for diseases. So, a good pool filtration system will not just keep your pool clean. It will also help you stay healthy.

Dangers of Unfiltered Water

Of course, bacteria and mold in the water are natural health risks when you go swimming. However, there is a more common danger that is often being overlooked: urine. It’s common knowledge, but no one wants to admit that a lot of people urinate in swimming pools. Urine, in itself, isn't necessarily a health risk. But when it comes into contact with chlorine, it can create a toxic reaction that can have potential health risks like asthma, skin issues, and other non-major respiratory issues.

Ever take your toddler to the pool? Keep in mind that that fecal matter can wash from people's bodies into the water when they swim. Fecal matter can be a more serious health risk than urine because it has germs like cryptosporidium, which is known to cause gastrointestinal illness. This is why it is essential for you to always clean your pool water, especially if you are hosting a pool party or have guests in your home.

Why Do You Need a Swimming Pool Filter Pump?

In a nutshell, you need a good swimming pool filter to:

  • Remove insects, dirt, and other foreign objects from the pool

  • Evenly distribute the chemicals needed to combat bacteria

With that said, your pool's filter pump is a critical part of the installation process of your swimming pool.

Investing in a Good Water Filtration System

A proper pool filtration system can help keep your pool safe for swimming. Your and everyone else's health is of paramount importance, after all. However, what you need to understand is that not all water filtration equipment are created equal. Some are better than others. So, it's important that you check for quality and durability when shopping for one. At Exceptional Water Systems, you can be sure that all the water filtration equipment they sell are of the best quality.