The Problem with Salt Water Pools - and How to Fix it

Many people who want a life filled with fewer chemicals consider switching their residential swimming pool to a chlorine-free model. However, many of these same homeowners - not knowing any different - choose salt pools instead. The problem is, salt pools aren’t the right choice if you’re looking to go chlorine-free - nor are they the best choice for families avoiding chemicals and skin irritation.

The Problem with Salt Pools

When you hear the term “salt pool”, you probably think of natural, salty water - just as you would find at the beach. Indeed, these pools may start out as salty-tasting miniature versions of the ocean that trick consumers into thinking they are free of chlorine. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Salt pools actually manufacture chlorine. The type of salt used in the water creates a natural byproduct which is chemically identical to chlorine bleach. It is even more corrosive than typical chlorination water, owing to the hundreds of pounds of salt used to create the levels of salination required for sanitation. This means that not only are salt pools not chlorine-free, but they can also be just as damaging and dangerous as heavily chemically-treated pools - all while hiding behind the guide of being chlorine-free.

Alternative Options

That doesn’t sound like fun to you? If you’re like most people, salt and the chlorine it creates are skin-drying irritants for you. Not exactly the kind of thing you want to swim in. Still, for a long time, there were few other options for those who wanted a clean pool and a safe place to swim without using bleach. Thankfully, there are new choices in today’s market - and they keep your water sparkling clean using oxygen!

Oxygen Pools

How are pools treated with oxygen to create cleaner, safer swimming environments? Multiple layers of oxidation are created in the water itself. This oxidizes contaminants, rendering them unable to cause harm or create disgusting buildup in your pool. The entire process is carried out with water and low, harmless levels of hydrogen peroxide. Together, these common, safe ingredients create a hospitable environment for your family to swim in - but not for viruses and bacteria.

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