Ozone Systems

The Power of Ozone

Chemicals can be dangerous when used in bulk in swimming pools. They can cause red and itchy eyes, skin irritation, and health problems in otherwise healthy swimmers. Chemicals are also inefficient in eradicating more robust kinds of bacteria from pools that need them the most, making it costlier and more careless in pushing through with its actual job. Several alternatives to pool cleansing have been identified as more effective replacements in getting the job done. This includes a pool ozone generator.

Other Benefits of Oxidation

A pool ozone generator makes use of ozone, a chemical that attaches itself to particles in water and air. Oxidation is exceptionally efficient in that it kills almost all forms and types of bacteria that exist in its immediate environment. One example of this is found in our very own human bodies. Oxidation in the human body works by making use of the oxidation process to destroy bacteria in the lungs and protect our immune system from potential intrusions.

How Does it Work?

Oxidation in pool cleansing works in the following way: ozone is introduced to the pool and reverts to its original form, oxygen, effectively cleansing the pool of any remaining algae and bacteria in its presence. This reduces the amount of chemicals in your pool by a large margin. This also reduces the likelihood of any side effects caused by chemicals, such as red and itchy eyes, irritated skin, and an improved immune system.

Other Benefits of Oxidation

One can look to the benefits of pool oxidation by its usefulness in contrast to that of chemicals. Chemicals can highly damage your equipment over longer periods because of harmful components, making it less cost-efficient than its alternatives. On the other hand, when used correctly, oxidation can even provide health benefits to swimmers, boosting the immune system and reducing the likelihood of skin and lung irritation. Maximizing these benefits can greatly reduce costs and increase benefits for anyone who has a publicly open pool ready for business.

But even if yours is a private pool, oxidation will also have its benefits as it will provide more enjoyable pool time for guests. Reduce the possibility of health side effects with pool oxidation instead of using chemically treated pools. This will not only give you a better pool experience, but also improve your socials with guests and other visitors.

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