Tackling the Problem of Chemical-Free Pool Systems

In today’s social environment, the demand for chemical-free solutions to common sanitation issues is ever-growing. However, many experts in the field of pool sanitation would argue that this is one area where going without chemical intervention simply isn’t possible - or at least advisable.

Are chemical-free pool systems truly what they claim to be and can they be relied upon to keep your family healthy and safe this season? Here’s what you need to know about going sans chemicals in your family pool this year:

Everything is a Chemical

If you’ve sat through chemistry classes at even the high school level, you’ve likely heard the revelation that teachers love to make: everything is made of chemicals. Even pure, unblemished water is a chemical compound. With that said, it is important to focus less on what is in your pool’s “chemical-free” system than what is not in it.

Most chemical-free systems are labeled as such because they do not use the harsh chemical solutions that are standard in other pool cleaning systems. This typically refers to either chlorine or bromine - at least in their most commonly-used forms. But can a pool be kept clean and safe without these chemicals?

Natural and Chemical-Free Alternatives

There are several alternative approaches used to keep germs under control in swimming pools and spas that don’t involve the use of chemicals like chlorine or bromine. Some of these include:

  • UV light exposure. Water is continually passed through filters that expose it to high concentrations of UV light, which has been shown to effectively eradicate germs.

  • Copper or silver ion use. Both copper and silver have natural germ-fighting properties. These naturally-derived ions can be used to combat bacterial populations in pool water and are relatively safe for regular use.

While these methods may make those who are trying to avoid the use of harsh chemicals in their pool systems feel more at ease about their germ-fighting approach, it is important to note that neither has the efficiency or longevity of chlorine or bromine use.

One way of supplementing the use of these natural approaches with another that will provide additional germ-fighting benefits and lasting protection for your pool system and family is to use salt-based cleaning solutions, which create naturally-derived chlorine when electricity is applied to vacant pool water. By adding this method to your pool system’s cleaning routine, you can keep your pool free of the synthetics you’re hoping to avoid - as well as the germs that can make your family sick.

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