Chemical Free Pool

Maintaining a Chemical Free Pool

As concerns around arise around the use of chemicals in swimming pools, many homeowners are opting to convert their existing pool or install a new pool that is chemical free. Chemicals are supposed to be used to kill bacteria without causing skin irritation or breathing problems to the people using the pool. However, not only do a number of chemicals not kill some of the biggest pool contaminants, they can trigger asthma attacks, hives, or even skin problems that resemble chemical burns. While saltwater pools are gaining in popularity, salts can be drying and irritating to sensitive skin. This isn’t what you want to think about when you look at that beautiful backyard pool.

How Does It Work?

A chemical free pool works on multiple components to maintain a healthful water supply that is free of contaminants like parasites (Cryptosporidium and Giardia), viruses (Norovirus and hepatitis), and bacteria (Legionella and Shigella). Let’s look at the components and what they do.

1. Ozone generators provide stronger disinfection than chlorine and are capable of destroying tough contaminants like Cryptosporidium in a single pass.

2. Ultraviolet light systems. These systems are not used for illumination, but rather to eliminate contaminants by disrupting the DNA of organisms in the water. Municipalities have been using ultraviolet sanitizers to assure the safety of their drinking water and wastewater for decades.

3. Highly dissolved oxygen systems. The oxygen level in the water helps to destroy organisms missed by ozone generators and ultraviolet light systems – such as those that fall directly into the swimming pool water. This advanced oxidation process helps to control contaminants without the use of chlorine or salt.

4. Carbon dioxide pH control. The more carbon dioxide that is introduced to the water, the lower the pH. Using carbon dioxide has replaced the older practice of adding muriatic acid to the swimming pool water.

Chemical Free Experts

Whether you’re contemplating installing a brand-new chemical free pool, or want to modernize an existing pool, Exceptional Water Systems can help. We can design, build, and maintain your pool so that your water will be clear, sparkling, and safe all year round. With an advanced oxidation process utilizing carbon dioxide, ultraviolet light, oxygen, and ozone, there are no chlorines, bromides, or other chemicals. Don’t settle for a 20th-century pool when you can have better disinfection, energy efficiency, and year-round use of your swimming pool. Get a 21st-century pool that you can relax and enjoy.