Pool Ozone Generator

Keep that Green Murk Out of Your Pool

No one wants to swim in a pool with green murk everywhere! Once someone owns a pool, they find the best way to control the amount of chlorine. The best way to do that is by using Pool Ozone Generator. But did you know that a pool ozone generator also cleans and filters your pool? They are better used together when combined with other chemical treatments. So yes, there is a way to get rid of that algae! What else can you do to keep that green thing out of your pool?

Test the Pool’s Water

The swimming pool’s water needs to be checked by a chemical test kit to check the levels of the chlorine and PH. When the level of chlorine is too low, it promotes the growth of algae which turns your water green. You need to regulate the chlorine to its normal levels.

There should always be proper pool maintenance, checking of chlorine and pH level taking, and working filters. When you fail to monitor and provide pool maintenance even for a couple of days, you will have a green pool on your hands.

Working Filter

Make sure that you have a working filter. It may be clogged from leaves and other materials. Make sure to remove what is clogging it to keep it working correctly. Clean the filters out first before putting any chemicals that will remove the algae, and set it to run 24 hours

Make sure to scrub the sides and bottom

When your pool is starting to be inhabited by algae, you need to clean the sides and bottom of the pool to break the algae. Cleaning allows the chemicals to work faster and better. Scrubbing will ensure thorough cleaning.

If your pool is made of vinyl, use a nylon scrub instead. Wire brushes may damage vinyl pools.

Pool Shock

Pool shock is when you introduce high levels of chlorine in the pool. This method wipes out the existing and developing algae, and they also sanitize your pool. When algae are already present, you may be required to treat it more than once. During the shock, the water will be cloudy and will look dirty. Continue to run the filters until it cleans up.

As mentioned, you may also use a pool ozone generator to make sure that algae growth is prevented. If you don’t know where to look, check out Exceptional Water Systems. Our products and services are, well, exceptional! No one wants to swim in a green pool. Get that green murk removed!