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Intriguing Pools

As we gaze upon some of the most beautifully designed pools what is it that makes them so breathtaking? Is it the rare rocks and stones shipped in from a remote beach on a beautiful island? Could it be the very element that dances on the surface of these great features that we are so intrigued with? I'd like to say it's a combination of both. It wouldn't be the same without one or the other.

We are all too often memorized by these features that we fail to understand what lies within it. What? Within what? We're talking about the water itself!

Would you think that even for the slightest moment you would ever dare to drink your pool water, feed it to your plants, or your vegetable garden? Not a chance! I don't need to tell you this, but go ahead and see what happens. Most likely you'll get sick and your plants and vegetables will die!

There are more chemicals in that so called pool in the backyard than you can shake a stick at. Chlorine, salt, acid, algaecide, clarifiers, and who knows what else! Then to top it off we jump in like it's the greatest water ever. Only to get out after a hot day in the afternoon sunburned and smelling like a chlorine tablet! For the next week we watch as our family's skin peels and we apply layer upon layer of aloe or lotion to help in the healing process. Days and weeks go by until we have finally finished the process of shedding our skin like a reptile and then we're ready to start again!

What if we didn't have to deal with that at all? What if we were able to use our pool to feed our surrounding vegetation safely? What if we used the pool all day on that hot sunny afternoon and didn't burn or smell like a chlorine tablet getting out? I'd say that sounds pretty amazing to me!

Well, it is possible and it does exist!

Over the last 7 years we have developed and tested a system that had truly amazing results and was able to provide some of the greatest water quality I've ever experienced! Not only does it provide this wonderful experience for my family and I, but to almost anything else it touches.

Aqua Fuzion utilizies both pure oxygen and ozone and diffuses it into the water to provide one of the strongest natural disinfectants and oxidizers available. The diffused oxygen is capable of staying in the water for days and weeks at a time. With this extra oxygen present in the water it provides the softest water feeling you've ever felt. Oxygen itself is used in hospitals and medical centers all over the world for healing in many ways. When added to water it offers a whole new level of water quality to many that suffer from the normal treatment process.

To balance the pH we utilize carbon dioxide which is the third most abundant element in the world. It is highly efficient and doesn't leave any nasty byproducts in the water. As an added benefit it also helps keep the water alkaline by not reducing the alkalinity like the traditional acid. We utilize all of these elements because they are purely natural!

I truly feel for those that suffer some way or another from engaging in water activities that they loved and enjoyed so much for so many years. Only to find that in the end they would be left with lifelong health problems like swimmers lung, hair loss, chlorine allergies, skin issues, asthma, and much more! I know these words don't fall on deaf ears. Those of you who have lived this journey know exactly what I'm talking about! I've heard your stories and had the opportunity to visit some of those same rancid indoor and outdoor pools that should have never been allowed to occupy people!

The good news is that there are several pools here in Arizona that now have water you can truly enjoy without these ugly side effects. The beautiful part is that you don't have to listen to me either because some of them are now public and semipublic that you can experience yourselves!