Filters and Pumps for Pool Maintenance

Once you have an in-ground pool in place, you need to consider how to properly maintain the structure of the pool and the water within it. To keep the water clean, you need to use a pump designed for the size and type of pool you have. The filters used within the pump help to pull material out of the water. A customized pool filtration system ensures your water is maintained and healthy to swim in. It also helps to reduce your dependency on chemicals to clean up the water.

What Should Your System Include?

Each pool filtration system needs to fit the pool you have. In many cases, this includes solutions that can filter out your water properly and eliminates or significantly reduces the need for chemicals. The filters themselves need to reduce pressures and increase filtration – the highest quality of systems are able to easily push water through without a lot of energy and pressure.

What Other Equipment Do You Need?

The filtration system you choose may include glass media. This type of filtering solution removes particles at a higher level than the use of silica sand. Consider the filter media rate, which also increase the speed of particle removal. The system needs to be designed to work reliably and without a high cost of keeping your system clean on a regular basis.

Finding the Solution to Your Pool’s Needs Nearby

When it comes to choosing the best pool filtration system, turn to Exceptional Water Systems for one-on-one help. When you contact us, we will provide you with a range of options designed just for the type and size of pool you have. Call us today to learn more.