Fast Facts About Chemical-Free Pools

Are you considering a chemical-free pool for your family this year? If so, you may be wondering how a pool without harsh chemicals can be as healthy and clean as those that smell of bleach from half a mile away. Thankfully, industry experts have fast answers to your most-asked chemical-free pool questions!

What are Chemical-Free Pools Cleaned With?

If a chemical-free pool doesn’t use traditional pool chemicals, how does it keep water clean and safe? The truth is, the term “chemical-free” actually means something a bit different than most people believe. It should more accurately be called a synthetic chemical-free pool, since the absence of harsh, synthetic chemicals is what brings big benefits to swimmers.

In a chemical-free pool, salts create a natural form of chlorine. This works the same way the bleach-smelling concoction you buy at many pool supply stores does, but without the harsh smell and the equally harsh chemical impact on your family’s health. What’s more, it is easier to maintain, with fewer and less regular top-offs of salt than you would have to make if you were instead supplying your pool with prepackaged chlorine.

How Safe are Chemical-Free Pools?

As long as you are using the right, high-quality, natural sanitizing agents and processes for your pool a chemical-free pool is just as safe as one that uses traditional chemicals to keep it clean. Additionally, a more natural approach can actually be safer, since accidental consumption of the water is less risky.

These lower-chemical options are also easier on hair, skin, and eyes while swimming. For those with sensitive skin and other health concerns, chemical-free is often the only option for comfortable pool use. Always talk to your doctor or your child’s pediatrician to confirm the safety of the natural sanitizers you’re using in your pool.

Is a Chemical-Free Pool the Right Choice for My Family?

Ultimately, that decision is yours to make. However, today’s chemical-free pool systems are available in a variety of designs that can accommodate pools and spas of almost any kind. Whether you’re hoping for a huge pool or looking at a little spa, your home and property can benefit from a chemical-free approach.

To learn more about your options with chemical-free pools, talk to the industry experts at Exceptional Water Systems today. We can help you choose the right pool cleaning and care system - and make it into the oasis your family has been dreaming of!