Chemical Free Pool

Designing Your Dream Residential Swimming Pool

In Arizona, swimming pools are a big deal. Just about everyone who owns a home dreams of a beautiful pool of turquoise colored water in their backyard, and all memories that they and their family will have of backyard fun. New technology makes designing and building a private swimming pool easier than ever, with beautiful and lasting results.

While pools must conform to state and federal laws like the Virginia Graeme Baker act and county codes, there are lots of features that you can add, and a pool filtration system that keeps that water blue and sparkling all year round is one of them. Let’s look at some of the top features Arizonans are designing into their dream residential swimming pools.

1. Passive solar heating: While beautiful light turquoise colored water is the classic swimming pool shade, darker hues help the water to retain more of the sun’s heat – bringing down costs of keeping the pool swimmable year-round.

2. LED lighting: LED gives pool owners hundreds of options in lighting their pool. Underwater, around the rim, or highlighting a special feature, these lighting options also come in numerous colors – and you can change your lighting scheme with just the click of a remote.

3. Safety alarms: Nobody wants a tragedy. For those with young children, pool safety is often high on the list of reasons not to get a pool. However, using contact sensors on gates and exterior doors, and in-pool alarms with wave or water disturbance sensors can help homeowners monitor their swimming pool.

4. Features: From waterfalls and slides to current generators for swimmers and splash pads for tots, swimming pools, now more than ever, can give you the water park experience in your own backyard.

5. Natural look pools: One of the hottest new trends in swimming pools is installations that are designed to look like part of the landscape, with rocks and landscaping around a natural form. This can extend to even having a private “beach” and a graduated entrance into the water.

6. No chemicals: It has been known for years that chemicals in swimming pools pose risks to people with asthma and may over time cause breathing problems to swimmers with no history of the disorder. A chemical free pool with an advanced filtration system eliminates the need for chemicals by using oxygen, ozone, ultraviolet light, and carbon dioxide.

Work with the Best

The key to a successful swimming pool project is your swimming pool contractor. Exceptional Water Systems has the technical expertise in creative design to make your chemical free pool a fun, safe, year-round reality.