Pool Filtration System

Choose the Right Pump for Your Swimming Pool

Your pump and filtration system are some of the most important parts of your swimming pool. To stay healthy and safe while enjoying the water, you’ll want to keep it as clean as possible. To do that, you’ll need to choose the best pump for your system.

Here’s what you need to know about some of the most popular styles of pool filtration systems and how to determine which is the best for your pool or spa:

Understand Your Needs

Before you can choose the right pump for your system, you’ll need to understand your pool’s needs. Some questions to ask yourself or a professional about your system’s needs include:

  • How large is your pool or spa? The size of your pool in gallons will determine many other factors, including the horsepower, speed, and other aspects of the pump type that’s right for you.
  • Is it in-ground or above-ground in design? The design of your pool or spa will determine which type of pump you need. In-ground pools require a top-mount pump, while above-ground pools typically use a side-mount pump.
  • How fast do you need your pump to be? What is your pool’s ideal flow rate per hour? Divide the total number of gallons your pool typically holds by eight to get your answer. This will help you determine the speed of pump you will be best suited with.
  • How powerful should the pump be? The speed and power of your pump are closely related. You will need to choose between single speed, dual speed, and variable speed motorization. The most common are the first two, since single speed is the least expensive and dual speed is the best value for money when it comes to pool filtration.

Don’t Worry About Brand

Many consumers ask about brands when shopping for a pool pump, but this isn’t a necessary concern. The truth is, the only important factors in choosing a pool pump are those mentioned above and the overall type of pump you’re interested in. Do you want chemical filtration? Are you comfortable with chemical use? Would you prefer to invest in oxygen filtration? These are more important concerns for a pool owner than the brand you’re buying.

For more information about oxygen pool filtration and other types of pumps and systems, talk to the experts at Exceptional Water Systems. We have the knowledge to not only help you find the right system for your pool or spa, but also the great deals you need to choose the one that fits your needs and budget!