Chlorine-Free Pool: Why It’s Better for You

Chlorine becomes chloramine when it interacts with the bacteria in your pool water, creating the distinctive smell we associate with chlorine pools. Swimming in that water leads to skin and eye irritation. In addition, the pool water needs to be tested and adjusted constantly to ensure it balances with other sanitizing systems. Some studies also suggest that children who swim in chlorinated pools regularly are more likely to develop asthma.

Switching to Chlorine-free water

Chlorine-free water provides pool owners with a safe alternative. If you’re thinking about making the switch, here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea.

Removes Pool Scale

Scale appears on parts of the pool and is unattractive as well as hard to remove, at least not without damaging your pool. It’s a common sight in many traditional chlorine pools.

Prevent Irritation

Irritated skin and eyes are a typical result of swimming in chlorinated pools. That’s no longer an issue when you switch to pool water without chlorine.

Reduce Fading

Chlorine tends to bleach out the color of the plaster on the floor of the pool. Changing to a chlorine-free filtration and water maintenance system prevents that.

Eliminates Bleached Hair

Chlorinated pool waters are also associated with fading swimsuits and bleached out hair.

Alternatives to Chlorine

If you want to have a chlorine-free pool, you can turn to other alternatives. Two of the most popular ways to maintain your pool water include UV filtration and ozone generators.

UV Filtration

Ultraviolet light irradiates the water, eliminating any existing bacteria. The filtration system sanitizes the water as it enters the pool.


Ozone is used in water sanitization systems because the substance is an effective oxidizer. Ozone generators provide disinfection and oxidation that is twenty times stronger than chlorine.

Shopping for Options

There are plenty of options that you can try out to maintain your pool water systems. However, make sure you choose companies that provide reliable products. Check out the background of the firm. What other products does it sell? What kind of track record and experience does it have in the industry? Be sure to check for any complaints lodged against the company. If the trend in the comments or consumer feedback is positive, you’ve found the right partner to improve your pool water systems.

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