Chemical Free Swimming Pools

Chemical Free Swimming Pools - Choose Copper Ionization for Your Pool

Swimming pools are an enjoyable staple for the summer. They’re there for leisure, and anyone from any age can enjoy their services. When it comes to swimming pools, however, one of the most common means to clean it is by using chemicals, which is not only physically harmful to people using the pool but also completely wasteful.

Chemicals can be dangerous to people’s health, especially when exposed to the substance for a long time. Chemicals can cause red and itchy eyes, skin problems, allergies, and the like. Alternatives to chemicals are preferable compared to this potentially dangerous substance.

One of the alternatives to chemical cleansing is copper ionization. Copper ionization is the process of using a low voltage current to release copper ions into the pool water. This process is known to kill bacteria without the harmful effects usually released by chemicals. It’s also more cost-efficient since it can kill tougher types of bacteria that chemicals usually won’t be able to eradicate.

Still not convinced why you should use copper ionization in your pool? Here are a few more reasons why you should prefer chemical free pool systems:


Chemical free pool systems are ultimately safer in the long run. Chemicals cause health problems, and at worst may even ruin one’s immune system. On the other hand, copper ionization doesn’t have any of these problematic side effects, and could even lead to some great health benefits, which leads us to the second point.

Health Benefits

Copper ionization has been used not only in pools but also in purifying drinking water, which confirms its safety as a substance. Copper ionization has several known health benefits, including the formation of blood vessels, improving bone structure and skin, and helping maintain your immune and nervous system. It also helps improve the flow of oxygen through the blood. At some point, copper has also been known to improve health regarding cancer and heart problem prevention


Chemicals are a powerful substance and can cause wear and tear not only to swimmers’ bodies but also to the equipment in your pool. The cost-efficiency of pool ionization has already been discussed when it comes to cleaning out tough bacteria, but its cost-efficiency goes far beyond that. Unlike chemicals, pool ionization won’t easily wear down your materials, and will give it a longer life span. If you’re looking for the ultimate water purification services, Exceptional Water Systems is sure to be the service provider for you.