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Benefits of Ultra Fine Bubbles

It’s no secret that for many years’, competitive swimmers and bathers of all types have encountered numerous issues from various water treatment methods across the globe. Some of the most common issues that are most often heard are itchy scratchy or dry skin, skin rashes, swimmers’ asthma, burning eyes, hair loss or thinning of the hair, and much more. The quest for providing healthier water for all walks of life is truly a tough journey that is traveled by few. However, if it is truly embraced for discovering the great secrets of what water can provide it can be a great and rewarding experience.

At Pure Vision Technologies, we have been studying the benefits of atomizing different types of natural gasses into water for over 7 years. At the top of our list is the second most abundant element in the universe-- oxygen. We took a few different bodies of water in different settings, both indoor and outdoor applications, studied them for several years, and found the results have been nothing short of astounding!

We already know that our current atmosphere is oxygen deprived so when we added it back into the water it was a truly amazing sight. The first thing people noticed amongst all the bodies of water that were tested was how clear the water was. It becomes almost like a magnified image of the bottom of the pool. Even the main drain looks amazingly close to the surface of the water. The second thing people noticed was how soft the water felt and asked if they had changed to salt water systems. There was no more chlorine odor at the surface of the water that so many were accustomed to smelling. Some had noticed that it was much easier to move in the pool as if there was less resistance in the water. The third most common feedback was the feeling upon leaving the water. Most people realized how soft their skin was and that there was no chlorine smell. Upon drying off they noticed they did not feel the need to apply lotion to themselves or their children as they so often did in the past. Some had even commented that they felt better than they did stepping out of the shower.

Through the AquaGen system, we are able to atomize the oxygen so small that it does not break the surface tension of a water molecule. What that means is that we are able to harness that oxygen and give it the ability to stay in the water for days and weeks at a time. After bringing a small body of water up to 30 parts per million(ppm) we can shut the system off for a week and only lose about 10 ppm on average.

We did mention that we atomize different gasses, right? Our second gas we utilize in the swimming pool industry is Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Since CO2 is also a natural and abundant element we found it to be much better for pH control than the traditional acid. Due to the high efficiency of our system we were able to get a staggering 100% dissolution rate into the water. That’s right, we have 0% loss of gasses! You’ll feel better knowing that the product being used is not wasted. An extremely important part of water balance is maintaining the proper alkalinity level. Alkalinity is essential in keeping the pH in check and keeps the pool from becoming acidic. By using CO2 for pH control, it will not cause the Alkalinity to drop like when using typical pool acid. As a matter of fact, the alkalinity will naturally rise on its own, so you can expect a huge decrease in Sodium Bicarbonate usage.

Finally, we saved the best for last. Our last gas we utilize for treating water is the ever so powerful ozone. Ozone is about 20 to 3000 times stronger than chlorine as an oxidizer and disinfectant. Due to our patented technology in atomizing gasses the disinfection contact area just got immensely larger. Our Nano bubble technology is 1000 times smaller than the smallest ozone bubble created in the past. What does that mean for water treatment? It means that ozone becomes exponentially more efficient at disinfecting and oxidizing contaminants in the water.

Those who have been looking for the ultimate experience in being fully immersed in the most natural body of water, can finally harness it in your own back yard!

Pure Vision Technologies utilizes several universities, doctors, scientists, and chemists worldwide to help improve our technology each and every day. We believe that water is one of the world’s greatest gifts to all forms of life. As our moto states “Utilizing the elements of Life” … is exactly what we intend to do!