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AquaGen at a Glance

At Pure Vision Technologies, we have been studying the benefits of atomizing different types of natural gasses into water for the last 7 years. At the top of our list is the second most abundant element in the universe-- oxygen. We took a few different bodies of water in different settings, both indoor and outdoor applications, studied them for several years, and found the results to be astounding!

The AquaGen system is fed with an industrial oxygen concentrator that delivers 97% +/- pure oxygen. As the oxygen is being fed through the system it is then atomized and dissolved into the water. Water will typically have on average about 7 – 8 PPM of dissolved oxygen which is balanced naturally by the atmospheric pressure of the earth. The AquaGen system will increase the dissolved oxygen level anywhere from 10 – 35ppm depending on the volume of water being treated and how well it is balanced. Since the oxygen being produced from the AquaGen system is unable to break the surface tension of a water molecule, it is able to remain in the water for weeks before off gassing.

Oxygen by itself is already known as a natural oxidizer and disinfectant. It’s not a very strong one, but it does provide yet another layer of disinfecting and oxidizing potential that remains in the water alongside of the normal chlorine residual required by county code. The higher amount of dissolved oxygen levels in the water can reduce the amount of chemicals used on a daily basis up to 50%.

The natural level of oxygen that remains in water has been utilized by low pressure UV manufacturers all over the world. They utilize a specific wavelength of light or a “tuned” wavelength which is 185nm to create ozone naturally. Although this is a very low dosage, due to the normal low oxygen content naturally in water, it is nonetheless produced as an added benefit of using low pressure UV systems that utilize this specific wavelength. Due to the heightened amounts of oxygen present from the AquaGen system there is more ozone being produced naturally along with hydroxyl radicals.

Hydroxyl radicals are produced naturally when oxygen rises from the earth to the atmosphere and hits UV rays between 140 – 240nm. The ideal or “Tuned” wavelength we like to use for the greatest ozone production is 185nm. The oxygen molecule (O2) is then split into two atoms becoming hydroxyl radicals. The oxygen already present in the air then bonds with the hydroxyl radical making ozone (O3). The body of water being treated is now exposed to and benefits from all three molecules produced from the UV system. This allows all the systems to work together as they exist and interact naturally.