Advanced Oxidation Process

Advanced Oxidation for Water Treatment - Ozone UV

Don’t take the thought of clean pool eater for granted. If you run a water amusement park or own hotels with pools, you need to make sure you provide the best environment for your guests. With contamination affecting many pools in the U.S., business owners need to take stronger measures to keep bacteria out of the water.

What’s in the Water?

People pee in swimming pools. That’s a fair assumption to make, with the average swimmer leaving about roughly the equivalent of a shot glass of urine in the water. With a large fraction of guests who may regularly pee in your pools, then finding better water treatment systems is a must.

What Water System Should I Pick?

Consider available options. In the pool and spa industry, for instance, use of Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) systems are already popular and continues to grow at a speedy rate. This chemical treatment comes with small chlorine residuals, making it an ideal option for business owners. AOP is effective in killing off crypto and thus, can prevent cryptosporidium outbreaks.

Why Choose an AOP System?

When you check out options for water treatment systems, it’s important to pick one that’s going to help you protect your guests and clients. By using AOP, which kills off crypto, you can keep them protected from severe intestinal problems. This is especially ideal for those with compromised immune systems, like seniors and kids. What’s more, Advanced Oxidation Process systems are a good option for killing off E.coli. The combination of ozone and UV further ensure a sanitized environment for your guests.

How do I Pick a System?

Consider the needs of your commercial pools. Start by having the water tested. That will determine which contaminants are present in the water and which ones have the highest concentrations. That’s going to help you decide whether an AOP system is right for you. Once that’s done, check out reputable sources for AOP products and systems. A bit of homework and research will go a long way here.

How do I Install it?

Look for firms that offer installation help. With trained and certified pool or spa operators to undertake the work, your AOP system should be up and running in no time. If you are interested in getting your Advanced Oxidation Process system installed, contact Exceptional Water Systems. With professional help, you can look forward to better water treatment results in your spa or pools.