Most pool owners know that, as the primary cleaner and disinfectant, chlorine comes with many disadvantages. In addition to the smell that a chlorine-treated pool often has, the effects of the chemicals on the body can range from irritated to severe—burning eyes from contact with the water, dry and irritated skin after prolonged contact. Saltwater pools came into popularity next, providing several advantages over chlorine-treated pools. While...

Pool Filtration

The pump and the filter are considered as the heart of an above ground pool maintenance program. Above ground pools have very little or no circulation at all, and stagnant water provides the best environment for mold and bacterial growth.

To avoid this, you need a good above ground pool filter that can catch and remove both visible and microscopic particles. Pumps give enough force to circulate and push the water into the filter to...

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Don’t take the thought of clean pool eater for granted. If you run a water amusement park or own hotels with pools, you need to make sure you provide the best environment for your guests. With contamination affecting many pools in the U.S., business owners need to take stronger measures to keep bacteria out of the water.

Keep that Green Murk Out of Your Pool.jpg

No one wants to swim in a pool with green murk everywhere! Once someone owns a pool, they find the best way to control the amount of chlorine. The best way to do that is by using Pool Ozone Generator. But did you know that a pool ozone generator also cleans and filters your pool? They are better used together when combined with other chemical treatments. So yes, there is a way to get rid of that algae! What else can you do to keep that green...

Ozone Systems

Chemicals can be dangerous when used in bulk in swimming pools. They can cause red and itchy eyes, skin irritation, and health problems in otherwise healthy swimmers. Chemicals are also inefficient in eradicating more robust kinds of bacteria from pools that need them the most, making it costlier and more careless in pushing through with its actual job. Several alternatives to pool cleansing have been identified as more effective replacements...

Chemical Free Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are an enjoyable staple for the summer. They’re there for leisure, and anyone from any age can enjoy their services. When it comes to swimming pools, however, one of the most common means to clean it is by using chemicals, which is not only physically harmful to people using the pool but also completely wasteful.

Chemicals can be dangerous to people’s health, especially when exposed to the substance for a long time....

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As we gaze upon some of the most beautifully designed pools what is it that makes them so breathtaking? Is it the rare rocks and stones shipped in from a remote beach on a beautiful island? Could it be the very element that dances on the surface of these great features that we are so intrigued with? I'd like to say it's a combination of both. It wouldn't be the same without one or the other.

We are all too often memorized by these...

Essentials to Designing a Pump Room.jpg

When designing a pump room there are many things to consider and none of which are typically set in stone either. Indoor versus outdoor facilities have different requirements and needs and most of the time it is much more difficult to design an indoor facility… properly. We're going to give you in order some of the most important aspects to consider and give you an explanation as to why.

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It’s no secret that for many years’, competitive swimmers and bathers of all types have encountered numerous issues from various water treatment methods across the globe. Some of the most common issues that are most often heard are itchy scratchy or dry skin, skin rashes, swimmers’ asthma, burning eyes, hair loss or thinning of the hair, and much more. The quest for providing healthier water for all walks of life is truly a tough journey that...

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At Pure Vision Technologies, we have been studying the benefits of atomizing different types of natural gasses into water for the last 7 years. At the top of our list is the second most abundant element in the universe-- oxygen. We took a few different bodies of water in different settings, both indoor and outdoor applications, studied them for several years, and found the results to be astounding!

The AquaGen system is fed with an...