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Certified Pool/Spa Operator Certification

Exceptional Water Systems offers Certified Pool/Spa Operator certification for those wishing to learn more about operating and maintaining aquatic facilities. The classes offered through Exceptional Water Systems are taught by an NSPF Certified instructor.

What is CPO Certification?

The CPO Certification program involves time spent in a classroom or online and an exam. Participants learn to identify common issues with pool or spa maintenance and how to address those issues to create a safer, cleaner aquatic recreational environment. CPO Certification is appropriate for all individuals involved in managing pool or aquatic facilities and also includes information on record-keeping requirements and best practices, risk management, facility safety and the applicable state and local codes for pool or spa facilities.

What are the benefits of CPO Certification?

CPO certification provides you with the knowledge you need to encourage and maintain safe, sanitary pool facilities. Facility managers learn how to:

  • Manage pool water to reduce sanitation issues.
  • Maintain areas in and around the pool to reduce risks of injury.
  • Create enjoyable pool or aquatic environments that ensure client or visitor satisfaction and return.
  • Apply the best technology and chemicals to the pool management process to ensure an aquatic facility that is among the best in the area.

CPO Certification Options

Exceptional Water Systems offers two paths to CPO Certification.

  • Full, classroom training. The classroom program involves two full days of learning. To receive certification, individuals must pass an exam at the end of the second day with a score of 75 percent or more.
  • Hybrid program. Individuals can opt to take the first half of training online through the Online Pool Operator Primer course. Individuals who sign up for this course receive access to online curriculum that teaches the material found in the Pool and Spa Operator Handbook. This is a text provided as part of training. Students are allowed six months to complete the online portion of the training. Following completion of the Primer course, students must complete the second day of classroom training or the Pool Operator Fusion course. They must also pass an exam with a score of 75 percent or better to receive official certification.

Exceptional Water Systems is dedicated to helping customers manage safe, clean pool and spa environments. We encourage pool managers at all levels to invest in a certification course. Even individuals who have been in the pool industry for a while can benefit from the new knowledge and information that is regularly incorporated into the curriculum.


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