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Exceptional Water Systems is dedicated to providing its customers with the best, most advanced pool safety and energy efficient solutions to ensure the highest level of water quality possible. Often, pools in residential setups or commercial facilities aren't as safe as owners or managers might think. Exceptional Water Systems works with clients to better understand their needs in order to ensure the right blend of systems and equipment are employed to increase sanitation, safety and efficiency. Get a better pool today!

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Chlorine vs. Salt Water vs. Ozone and Oxygen Swimming Pool Disinfection with Michael Geyer

Exceptional Water Systems: Dedicated to Clean, Safe Pools and Pool Facilities

Exceptional Water Systems (EWS) is committed to providing water quality that far exceeds industry standards. We help design, build, and engineer filtration and chemical feed systems that use some of nature’s greatest elements such as oxygen, ozone, carbon dioxide, and ultraviolet light to provide the healthiest and highest quality water available. In the simplest term, EWS understands that the greatest gift of all life is… Water.


When a new commercial or residential swimming pool is built, new control technology and equipment are usually employed to maintain a safe and healthy environment as well as providing higher efficiency. Over time, new products are developed that might provide better results and increase the safety and clarity of water, making it important for pool managers and owners to keep up with developments. New challenges can present themselves, so owners or managers have to be ready to deploy different solutions to maintain pool water. Even when current technologies are used, they don't always provide the same benefits that Exceptional Water Systems' products do.

Energy Efficient Products

Exceptional Water Systems utilizes the best technology and equipment for chemical automation, high efficient filtration, variable speed pump control, and high efficient heating for year-round use.

  • Chemical Controller Automation helps monitor pool chemistry and recirculation parameters 24 hours a day. Automation can provide access via internet to the pump room and allow the user to have full control from miles away.
  • Variable Frequency Drives can be installed to existing pumps and provide a 50% return on electrical bills annually when set up and sized properly.
  • Water analysis kits provide accurate test results about sanitation issues in water, so problems are addressed quickly in order to mitigate risks and improve client or resident satisfaction.
  • Ozone Generators can provide 20 – 3000 times stronger disinfection and oxidation than chlorine. Capable of destroying Crypto in a single pass.
  • UV Systems are considered secondary disinfection and can aid in the disablement and sterilizing of different microorganisms. Capable of sterilizing Crypto in a single pass.
  • High Dissolved Oxygen (HDO) Systems can bring a whole new level of comfort to your water. The water feels like being in a salt pool without the salt. Those with super sensitive skin can now enjoy recreational water without the worries.
  • High Efficient Pool Heaters can help greatly reduce your monthly gas bill. New technology has brought pool heaters to a whole new level as much as 97% efficient which provides tremendous savings.
  • Salt systems provide additional options for safe maintenance and sanitation of pool environments.
  • Pool covers protect pools during the off-season and make it easier for facilities to get back into the swing of swimming season.

Take advantage of CPO certification education

Certified Pool/Spa Operator Certification is a two-day classroom or blended online/classroom course that ensures participants have the knowledge required to safely manage pool environments. The course covers everything you need to know about an aquatic facility including, chemistry, filtration, water balance, facility and pool safety, record keeping, state and local code requirements, risk management, and much more.

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